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12 February 2011

Egypt–The Road Ahead After Mubarak

I am not an Egyptian or a politician so it seems strange for me to give advice, I am not even Turkish or Muslim but I was affected by what I saw on the TV screens. The Egyptian people were fighting for change and now they indeed have found some sort of change. The military have taken the temporary reigns of power and are hopefully with their people rather than against them. The government will stay in power for now, and things will go on virtually without change minus the self acclaimed saviour of Egypt, Mr Mubarak. This a great moment for the people of Egypt but unfortunately without rapid sweeping changes the people that sacrificed their time and some indeed their lives for this cause may find that the military could in effect hand power back to the government a few months down the line.

For the military commander in charge to announce that the police will remain the same, the people working at the state TV (which perpetrated these lies from Mubarak) and the government will also stay the same for now means change is far from complete.  These government and non-government Mubarak supporters will be jostling for positions in the new supposed democracy that could occur. This would not be a good sign, old Mubarak supporters are ready to reseat their positions. With the same police force in place the same kinds of beatings and intimidation could start occurring within days from now. In my opinion, and as I said previously I am neither Egyptian, Muslim nor a politician but what is needed is sweeping changes right now, a roadmap to democracy with maybe Turkey as a template. Turkey has successfully been a democracy for many years now and as far as I am aware is one of the best templates for a democracy in a Muslim country that wishes to be a democracy. Turkey like any democracy has its problems occasionally but that is all part and parcel of being a democracy. A democracy is not there to cover up all the cracks that appear and to make it look like there aren’t any cracks at all.

The word of the day is ‘rapid’, the rapid joining of forces of democracy supporters, selecting of names that people wish to be entered in to the election processes and the police and state TV employees should be sacked or asked to resign and all jobs should be re-applied for via sets of select teams of people chosen by the people and not by the commanders of the army to interview them. This is one of the ways that corruption could be stamped out. In fact, as strange as it may seem the young Facebook users should select their police force maybe they could be part of the teams of interviewers. If nothing was to drastically happen  to create change then this could quickly backpedal. At the least this should happen, the police commanders and department heads as well as all managers of all departments in the state TV and Ministry of the Interior should be replaced, these are the old guard that would quickly scupper any plans to change Egypt in to a true democracy.

To all Egyptians, you need to secure this change and if this means staying in Tarih Square and the streets until free and fair elections are held then this should be done. Remember, Mubarak is a free man not held accountable for anything in Sharm El Sheikh and the military commander, Mohamed Tantawi used to be and probably still is a good friend of Mubarak’s, how do we know that this isn’t just to get you all off the streets to maintain some order whilst giving minor changes to the people that it will satisfy most.

Iran, is waiting in the wings to see how this shapes and they are scared. Strangely, Iran seems to be doing a similar thing to Egypt’s old guard and lying to its people about what is actually happening in Egypt saying that their brothers in Egypt are having an Islamic revolution, more like a Twitter and Facebook revolution since this was many of the younger Egyptians used to spark the protests.  Tehran 2009 protests were made by the Iranian people that were brutally crushed to try and find the same kind of democracy that most people desire in the Arabic countries. Let’s hope they to find this democracy.

To the Egyptian people you have accomplished so much in such a short time don’t let it slip away and go back to the days of torture and blocking of freedoms, you have reached a new age for Egypt take it by your own hands, own it and be the democracy you want to be, talk freely about what you want and become who you want to be.