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22 December 2008

In Da Club - Sippin' on ma bud!

Weekend fun was had by rap fans in Turkey as 50 Cent came to visit and took part in a local program 'Var Misin Yok Musun' on Turkey's Show TV. The show had the man himself sitting choosing boxes with different prize money listed inside for charity. A month or so before 50 Cent's appearance there was also a special appearance by Christina Aguilera. Both seemed to enjoy the show which i believe is a remake of a popular American quiz show. Who's next? The rumour was Beyonce but time will tell.


issa said...

25 dec? dont u celebrate chrismas 24 dec? :) hehe

Izmir-2-blogger said...

In the UK we celebrate the 25th of Decemeber. I thought this was the day Jesus was supposed to have been born !!??

This is the day we open the pressies eat the Turkey, get drunk and then fall asleep.

issa said...

Aha okay I dont know so much about Jesus... :) hehe we celebrate it 24 DEC in sweden :) anyway happy chrismas ;)

Izmir-2-blogger said...

24th December 25th December who cares as long as the feeling of Christmas is there.

Happy Christmas to you too!!!
And a Happy New Year!!!