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14 November 2008

Izmir Blog is for you the people

Izmir Blog was originally setup for the passing of information too and thro to keep people updated who are new to Izmir. In Izmir, Izmirians (to us) have a strange outlook on life and because of this seasonal outlook they have, things tend to stay unfinished, don't get updated or just fade in to obscurity because either holidays or other things get in the way. This is probably just our perception but whatever it is, this is why we need something like Izmir Blog to tap in to the pysche of what Izmir is really about. From a foreigners point of view and from a locals point of view (a person moving from Ankara to Izmir for instance). This way we can find out what keeps Izmir's heart beating and the wheels turning, and also maybe along the way find out truths and lies as well as useful information for all sorts of topics.

So, here I ask, if you are reading this, and you are a foreigner visiting Turkey, if you have passed through and found or lost love, if you are a local, if you are Turkish person perhaps living in Izmir but not originally from Izmir to step up and meet the challenge. Information, love stories, East meets West stories, secret moments, street scene, city scene, gay, straight, bi any lifestyle you wish to present. Let's get this party started and start telling it like it is. I am sure Izmir is not such a sleepy place, people live here yet sometimes it doesn't seem like they do. Whatever you have, however meaningful or meaningless, we want it, to present to our readers.

Give us what you got baby, and for the fame we will stick you on our wall of fame so that you can be glorified for all to see.

Send any stories, information you have to izmir2blogger@gmail.com

Take it easy!