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28 October 2008

Banned in Turkey - Blogspot.com Access

My apologies, everything seems fine today with access to blogspot.com either my eyes were deceiving me yesterday or the courts decisions has been overturned due to pure stupidity in it's decision in the first place.

Banning things willy nilly just isn't needed especially in a country that is taking democracy by the reigns and also promoting freedom and advancement in all areas.

Hopefully blogspot.com and blogger.com will remain completely open and hopefully no other sites will be banned in this way.



Nomad said...


I am very glad to hear that things have reopened again. In fact, I wrote to Google last night and asked if the digiturk story was true and why it was so hard to find some way of emailing Blogger.com. I asked them if Digiturk had contacted them asking for some kind of resolution to this problem, i.e. how they planned to solve the copyright problem. To date I have recieved no reply, which is exactly the type of response that Digiturk said they also got.