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15 September 2008

What's Hot? And What's Not In Izmir?

What's Hot? And What's Not In Izmir?

Before reading this list please take in to account I am not an expert at this and i am not Turkish so do I have a right to even make a list. Who knows? But if anyone knows different or if I have completely made a rat's ass out of this list, feel free to add to or correct my list. It would be nice to compile a list and get an idea of "What is Hot!" and "What is Not!" in Izmir. For now you are stuck with my crappy little conjured up list:

WHAT's HOT (maybe - I'm guessing a little)
  1. Wearing long Italian style shoes (men).

  2. Wearing cotton clothes and other natural fibres that don't make you sweat persistently (men and women).

  3. Big handbags (women).
    The ones that you can fit your whole world in to but never find anything when you really need it, "Honey can you get my phone?" "Where in God's name is it?"

  4. Owning a summer-house or two.

  5. Do it yourself (DIY) (men).

  6. Clubbing and bars (men and women).

  7. Playing with your phone constantly whilst dining with your boyfriend/girlfriend (mainly men but women too).

  8. Buying a big screen TV (men and women - but the man usually has to go and choose it).

  9. Football (men and some women - just to keep their menfolk happy).
  10. Folk dancing (anybody with a piece a sparkly material in their hands).

  11. Branded Footwear (men and women).

  12. Going to the beach (generally women want it more to counter their oh so stressful lives but men too).

  13. Strange but probably sexy half cut cardigans (women - of course!).
  14. Home made jewellery (women).

  15. Anything clothing that covers your bum (women).

  16. Constantly talking about the holiday home as the summer approaches (all women and older men).

  17. Constantly talking about bayram as the summer comes to an end (women and men).

  18. Flag waving (men, women, dogs, cats, cockroaches - if you have any hands start waving that flag).

  19. Singing the national anthem (again everybody but excluding cockroaches they can't sing silly!!).

WHAT's NOT (maybe - I'm guessing a little)

  1. Unbranded footwear, in fact anything not branded (men and women).

  2. Flower selling gypsies (all varieties of gypsies).

  3. Street kids asking you for money and selling packets of chewing gum and tissues (any little sweetheart who hassles you for cash).

  4. Overnight illegal built up properties (men, women, families).
    The type that they are currently pulling down as development continues.

  5. Paying some guy a lot of money to fix something in your house (dodgy guys generally 45YTL for a 5YTL job).

  6. Folk dancing (anybody with a piece a sparkly material in their hands).

  7. Not being with your mother at all times of the day (men and women).

  8. Kene and being bitten by one of these blood suckers (Insects with attitude).

  9. Eating cereals (e.g. cornflakes) every day like those silly skinny foreigners (any skinny model looking foreigner).

  10. The blue school uniform that Turkish children have to wear in a state schools (any non-smiling child).
    It's like one of my mother's tea towels and that lace, they're going to school not getting married!!

  11. Hair fallout (anybody with sink plugholes clogged with hair).
    I don't know whether it is just me, but for some strange reason whether it be the arsenic in the water or the strange metallic smell occasionally in the air there is a problem of hair loss in women. Maybe this has always been there or maybe they are only just noticing the problem exists.

Anyhooooo! As of September 2008 this is my list of what I believe to be HOT or NOT in Izmir.

If you think I am completely off my trolley and I don't know what I am talking about and you have a better list than mine let me know, please feel free to email at izmir2blogger@gmail.com to correct my sorry ass. I'm waiting to be corrected!!!

Regards, Imzir-2-Blogger