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7 June 2007

Where to buy Pork in Izmir

If you're anything like me, occasionally you'll wish for bacon with your eggs, pancetta in your spaghetti carbonara or salami in your pickle sandwich....

Well, now you can indulge in the occasional treat without having to ask relatives to bring you some real pork from abroad.

Where? 1382 Sok. N° 21/A Alsancak
Tel. 421 14 54

How to get there?
From the Hilton walk down lovers' lane (parallel to the sea) towards Musatafa Bey Caddesi (the street where you have the HSBC, Starbucks, Bonjour Café, Mango etc.)

Amidst the shoe shops, bakeries and Eczane, this little corner shop with the beige blinds will be on your right (opposite DESA) as you walk with the Hilton behind you, the sea to your left.

Bon appétit!


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is useful stuff!! Thanks! :-) -K

Turkophile said...

OMG, I never thought you'd be able to buy pork in Turkey.

As a Muslim Turk, I know that over 99% of Turks, although they may have broken almost every rule in the book, they wouldn't dare to eat pork.

However, this is interesting, VERY interesting! I better mention it on my blog sometime soon...

Anonymous said...

useful :) thanks a lot.