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20 January 2007

Wanted: in Izmir short-term accomodation for rent

Hello people,
I hope all you readers out there have started the year happily, healthily and safely. I'm pretty sure 2007 is going to be a much better year than 2006 for most. Let's just hope that the worst of 2007 will be like the best of 2006. That should be good enough. ;-)

Now to the point of this post:
One of our London based readers has e-mailed us in the hope of finding an apartment to rent in Izmir (Karsiyaka, Bornova, Konak, Alsancak, etc. - he's not very fussy), for 2 people, at the end of January. His more detailed note below.
To enlarge e-mail please click on the image.

If you have a tip, please contact him directly (tauqeerjamadar@gmail.com) or post a comment to this post.
Thanks for your help on his behalf!

Tauqeer, if you're reading this:
I can recommend Mr. Yüksel Ceylan (REMAX agency in Narlidere) who speaks English, German and Turkish.
E-mail: yuksel@remaxnet.net
Office: +90 (232) 239 09 03
GSM: +90 (533) 471 57 63

Mr. Ceylan was very helpful when we were looking to rent. Although I'm not sure he deals in short-term leases, I'm sure he will be able to recommend someone who does.


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