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29 September 2006

Where in the world is Turkey?

On the web, whether you're enrolling, subscribing, or shopping, most sites ask you to indicate where you are living using a drop down menu or a selective menu.

If it's a plain roll menu by country, then you'll find Turkey easily enough under T.

If, however, the site you are on has divided the world into regions (Africa, Asia, North America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, etc.) then Turkey can be found in a number of places.

Middle East (along with Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.)
Europe (along with France, Germany, Italy, etc.)
I even came across a site with Turkey under
Eastern Europe! (they have since revised their geography)

Looks like Istanbul is not the only place to be crossing East & West.
I think there's more to this than whether Turkey will join the EU or not.

Where would you put Turkey?


lax said...

No doubts, that Tukrey is situated in Asya ...