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12 August 2006

Help us answer these questions about Izmir

  1. Where do people walk their dogs?
  2. Where do you think is a good place to live in Izmir?
  3. Where can you hand in any old batteries for recycling?
  4. What is your favorite week-end place or activity?
  5. What activities are there for children?
  6. Where are the best bars and clubs in Izmir?
  7. Where are the best sports places in Izmir?
  8. Where are the best Dentists and Doctors in Izmir?
  9. Where are the best restaurants in Izmir?
  10. For women's and men's shoes are there any shoe shops you can recommend?

Please if you know any off these please email us at izmirblogger




Joanne T said...

My answers
1> There are usually many small parks scattered around, i think the dogs can use these to do their number 2's and 1's.
2> A good place for me is Buca because everything is close at hand and there are many bars restaurants and amenities.
3> You can hand in old batteries at any Tansas as far as I know and in Kipa I was told. There is usually a small bin available to checuk your batteries in to.
4> My favourite weekend place is the Dogal Yasam Wildlife park because it is very peaceful.
5> Activities for children, there must be some but all I have found is the shopping centre play places and the carbon copy parks that are scattered around. I haven't seen any adventure groups and other such clubs.
6> Best bars and clubs in Izmir are perhaps in Alsancak but for Rock clubs you have to visit the two in Bornova, the names I forget but ask anyone will know.
7> Not sure of this one, but there are no leisure centres I have seen unless you pay an arm and a leg for a sports international membership or some other private location.
8> Not sure on this one either because my dentist started out good then I thought was a little haphazard on the second occasion.
9> The best restaurants in my opinion are in Alsancak but you can't beat cafe la vie in Bostanli for a cheap (not too cheap) and cheerful selection of cuisine.
10> Again Alsancak for this one but a local brand I keep hearing on all the commercials is Ceylo (i think correct spelling).