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10 August 2006

Future in a cup of coffee

Every morning, my future, is in a cup of coffee- until then, I'm just not functional. Turkish coffee is nice, but in the morning, it's a bit tough on the tum. Plus, we have a Nespresso machine from Switzerland... So I was so happy to discover that Nespresso capsules are available to order in Turkey!

And the website is bilingual! Best of all, it actually works!!! Yay!
I ordered the coffee on-line on Saturday, and it arrived by post on Tuesday morning. Pretty good, don't you think?

Payment can be made by credit card (over the phone) or by invoice. You can also order accessories, cups, spoons, shakers, and even the actual coffee machine!

Have a look for yourselves at Nespresso

Photo courtesy of Frosk


Marc said...

Great to know. Will order rıght away. I need my mornıng espresso too. Cheers