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1 September 2006

Latest Links (August)

Another month has flown by, and it's time for our monthly Latest Links post

WHAT did you say this was?
A monthly up-date & recap' of some of the latest link additions

WHERE are these links?
We've placed the links in the text of this post, but you can also find them under the Del.icio.us tags (in Izmir Blog's sidebar on the right)

Yeah, but under WHICH WORD can I find the links?

Oh, you mean, which tag or keyword in the list to click on? Check the word in ( ) for the related keyword at the end of each entry. Otherwise all links on this Blog are orange
(except for the "news" and "blogosphere" feeds in the sidebar which are blue -orange was not an available option)

What are the new links ABOUT? Well... read on! (using the scroll menu within the post on your right)

  • Human Resources Management to help you search, recruit, and analyze. The site provides a detailed on-line application form (Jobs)
  • Just back at work, and want to start planning your next holiday? Check out Zephyria Yachting for Blue Cruise Yachting (Yachting) or HiTiT for information of the Aegean Coast, Bodrum, Marmaris, Assos, and much more (Aegean)
  • For some information on the Izmir Fair check an article from The Turkish Daily News (Fair)
  • Interested in other local events? View the 2006 Events calendar (Events)
  • New to town? Check out Izmir City Guide for a list of Bars, Cafés & Restaurants as well as other useful things. (Eat; Drink; Do; Guide)
  • If you're thinking of getting married in Turkey, more than ever, you'll want someone reliable to help you sort out the practical issues. Check Turkish Weddings, Turkey's only in-country wedding planners for help from someone who will understand you but also knows the culture and country.

There are lots more links to be discovered (both in the tags and out there on the www) so browse around and send in your useful links by e-mail.

A great
BIG THANKS to all those who already did! Keep it up please!